Sunday, October 30, 2011

Campo Immersion - Day 5

September 22, 2011!

My "madre" Matilde and me in front of our house.
I am loving the campo! It is so beautiful here and I love my family so much. My mom's name is Matilde and is the sweetest lady in the world, and my dad (Cheche) is so awesome! Every day when I come home after work and supper they give me Spanish lessons and help me improve my speaking skills. Work is really fun, and I am so happy that we are pretty much on schedule with the latrines and floors. Comunidad Doce really is coming together through our work, and we are learning so much about each other and the wonderful people in this community. My brother is so funny, his name is Chichi and every night we play UNO, where he beats me SO badly!! It's been a great experience so far, I am so excited about the week to come. :)
Chichi and me!
- Sarah Spencer

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