Thursday, October 13, 2011

Campo Immersion - Day 2

Today was our first day of work. We were all divided up into three groups. We also met the three construction leaders that would be helping us for the ten days:  Oswaldo, Lingo, and Herman. Today, we worked down the mountain about twenty minutes. The walk down is way easier than the walk up! All the groups got the pleasure to mix cement for each project. Then one group helped put a floor into a young couple’s house. I believe the girl was around 16, and she was pregnant. The husband was not too much older. Right next door the other two groups were building a latrine for the whole family. Lingo’s group mainly hammered the walls and roof of the latrine. Oswaldo’s group put the base down for the latrine and made the floor. And Herman’s group made the floors for the houses. We formed a bucket line system to move the cement process along faster. We also met Oswaldo’s boy today, Chino. He made Shelby and Kailee push him around in the wheelbarrow. Overall today was really fun. It was very hot in the beginning, but rained right before dinner which cooled down everything. I think everyone is still trying to get used to their new families and surroundings. But it seems that everyone is in high spirits, so the outlook to the trip looks pretty good.

- Carly Stratton 

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