Thursday, October 13, 2011

Campo Immersion - Day 1

Today was our first day in the campo.  I met my family and I have 4 siblings- 3 sisters and a brother.  My family seems to be so sweet.  They live an a nice house and are building a huge new one next door- 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms!  Since bathrooms aren't a really normal thing in the Campo, this was really exciting.  My mom was so excited to show me that they would have indoor plumbing!

We got here at about 3:30, met our families and went to our houses.  I then met all the neighbors and talked with my sisters.  WE played Dominoes and they taught me 2 new card games.  My mom offered me every food under the sun and I snacked on Guayava- a fruit- and a really yummy caramel dulce!

After playing for a couple hours, I had to go back up the extremely large hill to eat dinner.  For dinner we had tostones, spaghetti, avacado, break and crackers.  They even made us kool-aid!  It was fun to hear about everyone else's families too!  A lot of us don't have siblings, but I am pretty lucky :)  After dinner we came back home and played more dominoes with my dad- we won!  Tomorrow we get to work building 18 latrines and cementing 5 floors..
So far so good!  I think this will be a great experience.  I'm still pretty nervous, but hopefully it gets better--- they speak so fast here!

-A piece from my journal
Cecilia Blume
Me with my host mom and sisters

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