Monday, November 7, 2011

Campo Immersion - Day 9

Today my family got their latrine!  Up until now, they didn’t even have their own latrine, and had to walk down my grandmother’s house to use hers.  Last night, my  host dad had told me that he was so excited for the latrine to be built, and that he had picked a bunch of oranges for us to eat while we worked.  When we got to my house that morning, the rebar had already be laid out and was ready for the cement floor to be poured.  We poured the cement, and laid the floor in the morning, and after lunch worked on the caseta, all the while breaking for oranges.  I was able to contribute quite a bit in laying the cement floor, and I could tell that my host dad was very proud! 
                After finishing the latrine, we moved on to another site to begin another one.  When the workday was over, I returned home to shower and spend time with my family.  They were truly so happy to have the new latrine.  Immediately, I noticed that my host mom was already cleaning it, and my little brother and sister were playing in and around it.  That night, my dad told me that the latrine would always make them think of me, and how I helped build it.  I was so touched, and so happy to have been able to make such an impact in a family’s life. 

--Mithra Pirooz

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