Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Campo Immersion 2 - Ceboruco

On Saturday, November 12, Comunidad 12 headed for the community of Ceboruco for our second Campo Immersion.  Ceboruco is a small town in the hills about half an hour outside of Santiago.  Since it's so close to the city, few people work in agriculture, and instead most people come into Santiago, or closer Tamboril, for work.

While in Ceboruco, Comunidad 12 worked to build cement floors for 10 families, and latrines for 6 families.  In addition to that, we also built the foundation for what will soon be a community health clinic.  We were so excited to give Ceboruco the first leg up in their dream to have a doctor and a clinic right in their own town.  The clinic will serve not just the community of Ceboruco, but eight surrounding communities as well.  The number of lives made better by this labor is unimaginable!

We worked hard on all of our projects, and also had a great time getting to know the community members and our new families.  The Pastoral Juvenil, the church youth group, really took us in and made us feel welcome.  Their president Suleika arranged two activities for us during our 10 days in Ceboruco!

Our "party" that included dancing and dominoes!
Suleika leading us in a get-to-know-you activity
We also worked in the kitchen and learned how to cook with Cruz Maria and Mariza, our two chefs.  Stay tuned for a video of Lindsey and Kailee learning how to make one of our favorite Dominican foods - Tostones!

When our ten days were over, we were sad to leave.  The community threw us a big "Thank you" celebration, and we were all awarded certificates of appreciation.  It was so nice, and we all felt very proud.  When the time came to get back on the gringo bus, none of us wanted to go. Tears were shed, and goodbyes were made longer and longer.  Eventually, we all got back on the bus and drove away.  Thankfully Ceboruco is only a half an hour away!
Jerry, Lindsey, Cecilia and Mithra saying words of thanks at our Despedida

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