Monday, November 7, 2011

Campo Immersion - Day 10

Today we left the campo, which was extremely sad.  All of the families walked the students to the comedor and waited while we ate breakfast, just so they could give us a hug before we stepped on the bus.  After breakfast there were a lot of pictures taken, students and families alike were looking very teary eyed.  It felt like I was leaving all my friends without knowing when I would see them again.  Driving away on the bus is like in the movies when the children are in the backseat looking at their home not knowing when they will come back.  At the same time I was very excited to go back to ILAC and see all our friends there.  It felt like I hadn't seen them in forever! 
Celebrating our "despedida" in the La Vereda
 - Veronica Wolf

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