Thursday, November 3, 2011

Campo Immersion - Day 8

25 de septiembre

Today started out much like the other days except after breakfast today, there was a mass and we didn't have to work.  Because this was our only day off, some of the members in the community thought that it would be a good idea to go to the river.  When we got there (after a 40 min. hike down steep gravel hills), I knew that they were right.  The river was GORGEOUS!! There was a waterfall that they jumped off of into the river below and we all got the opportunity jump off too.  It was so much fun!  I spent some time skipping rocks with my campo mom and some of the dominicans were making trying to make a human pyramid in the water.  We headed out when people were starting to get hungry for dinner.
The "Rio" in La Vereda
Today was also different because I got to eat dinner with my campo family.  I helped my mom prepare some avocado salad (delicious), pasta and the best tostones that I have ever had!  I feel so fortunate that I now know how to make the worlds best tostones!  After dinner, we went to bed after watching a James Bond movie and looking at the stars for a while.

I am so lucky that I got the change to come here and experience the campo life.   I am really going to miss the people here and their lifestyle.

- Natalie Lyon

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