Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Sweets of Santiago

The Sweets of Santiago!

Every meal at ILAC is complete with a nice platter of pineapple, papaya or melon, but every so often we craved a good ol' quality baked good. Luckily, we discovered the best dessert places in town!

Oreo "cheescakey"
1) La Campagna - One of our personal faves, La Campagna has a delicious array of sweet treats. From coconut flan to oreo cheesecake (and even dulce de leche crepes!), La Campagna has a dessert for everyone. Macy's personal favorite was the oreo cheesecake; and for those of you who enjoy a dang good brownie, La Campagna has the fudgiest most delicious brownie in all of Santiago (so says Sara, and she's a tough judge). Plus, the waitresses are really friendly, and you can even purchase a special La Campagna "I love bread" t-shirt -- very Dominican... not! Definitely check it out; we promise you won't regret it!

Gretchen and sister Sydney at the bakery (with donuts)
2) Bakery by Accion Callejera - According Comunidad Trece member, Adam Lomas, the donuts at this bakery are "like angels having a concert in my mouth." Aside from these heavenly 15-peso donuts, there's a wide variety of other cheap yet delectable treats. This is a great place to stop after service or during a day in the city.
3) Plaza Lama - It took us a few trips to Plaza Lama to realize how much potential the bakery there has. Not only were we able to try delicous, fresh-baked breads and brownies, but we also made great friends with Emiliano, one of the bakery employees. On our last visit to Plaza Lama, we ventured from out typical brownie purchase, and tried the bizcocho tiramisu - it's a must-try! Worth every peso. If you do go to Plaza Lama by Hospicio, tell Emiliano hello from Macy, Sara, Nicole, and Juan! :)
Emily's birthday cake from Fifa
4) Fifa Bakery - We headed to Fifa Bakery (conveniently located in Santiago on Independencia) the day after our first campo immersion. The sweet, caramel-filled cake was the perfect treat! Although Fifa is better known for its larger cakes, they also sell individual sized pieces for only 70 pesos (not too shabby - it's a huge piece!). After buying your cake, head over to a local park and enjoy :)
5) Helados Bon/ Yogen Fruz - The first sweets we had on the island - not exactly baked goods (avoid the cookies and brownies, they tasted slightly like dog biscuits), but the ice cream will satisfy every craving!  We strongly recommend the truly Dominican flavors: Dulce de Leche and Tres Leches. If you're not quite in the mood for ice cream, Yogen Fruz is a healthier, lighter alternative.  According to Sara, Yogen Fruz is a lot like Red Mango or frozen yogurt in the U.S., but BETTER. Macy's definition: a mix between red mango and a DQ blizzard. Helados Bon and Yogen Fruz conveniently deliver FREE OF CHARGE (be sure to order before 7 o'clock PM). You can also typically catch a guagua right after dinner (if you ask Emily's permission nicely).

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