Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Medical Missions

           Be warned: You are going to have to share ILAC! During the spring, different medical groups come through ranging from fifteen to eighty medical professionals and students. While there are some drawbacks such as a lack of pancakes and Spanish, there are many positive aspects of the medical missions. Aside from the surgeries they provide the Dominican patients, the doctors are really generous by allowing the Encuentro students shadow them while they operate. It is also a great opportunity to meet physicians from across the country that you normally would not meet.  For those of you who are studying to become doctors or for those who are curious, the medical missions give you the chance to observe surgeries. You are able to watch as many surgeries as you have time for, and the surgeries happen back to back all day.  The surgeons allow you to stand right next to them while they operate. Additionally, the surgeons are more than happy to explain the whole procedure while they are doing it and answer any questions you might have.
             While we were here we were able to observe orthopedics, dermatologists, eye doctors, pediatrics, general surgeons, physical therapists, and medical students from Creighton.  Although most of the doctors operate in the ILAC clinic, the physical therapists work at a few of the Encuentro Dominicano service sites.  Other doctors will also travel out to the campos to provide the villagers with free medical attention.  We strongly recommend taking the time to watch a surgery as it is a great learning opportunity!

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