Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Life at ILAC

Bienvenidos a ILAC! This is one of the most beautiful places to live.  While you are here you will be living in a room with up to five other people from your community.  The rooms each have three bunk beds and desks/closets for each person; (plenty of storage areas) along with a spacious private bathroom.  A new feature to enjoy is…A CEILING.  This was recently added to give students more privacy.   While you are here linens will be provided, as well as weekly room-cleaning by your favorite ILAC workers. 

As students, you will enjoy a private library and student lounge area.  The library is stocked full of books that can be used for both academic and pleasure reading purposes.  Students of Encuentro also enjoy a computer lab with computers for use.  Laptops are encouraged due to the limited number of desktops.  While wireless is available, it has a tendency to drop. The lounge is a great place to chat, study, and watch movies. 

ILAC also offers plenty of areas for physical activities.  This includes the Tetanus gym, a basketball/volleyball court, a figure running path, and a large open field area.  New to ILAC are horseshoe and bocce ball courts.  Workers often play volleyball on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.  Students are encouraged to join in.

While at ILAC you will enjoy three meals a day at 8:00, 12:30, and 6:00.  Meals are signaled by the ringing of a dinner bell.  Students should be warned that Dominican food is not Mexican food.  While delicious, there will be no salsa, chips, or guacamole.  The food often reflects what is grown locally, such as batata, yuca, and plantains.  Lunchtime will always consist of a different variation of rice, beans, and meat.  Most meals have bread and fruit offered. The food is delicious.  Don’t be afraid to take seconds. 

This is only a short listing of the many unique attributes of the ILAC center.  Don’t be afraid to explore and the get to know the staff, center, and area around ILAC.  It’s an amazing place and experience that you will get to have while living here.

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