Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Packing List

Clothes and Shoes

Jeans 3 pairs
Shorts ---you can wear shorts at ILAC as long as they are conservative.
Also, you will want them in April when it’s hot. I packed one pair of Bermuda
shorts and wished I had packed 2 or 3 more. Athletic shorts are acceptable in
student areas and for exercise. 3-4 pairs
T-shirts --- you will want to have comfortable clothes for class and weekend trips.
Pack at least one long sleeve shirt. 4-5
Business casual shirts --- light and dressy shirts are ideal for night life and mass
on Sunday---Dominican culture tends to be more formal than American culture. I
packed things that can be mixed and matched to make multiple outfits. 5-6
Wedges --- these would be very useful for going out. They are very popular in the
Dominican Republic. 1 pair
Tennis shoes --- you will want one pair for exercise, volleyball games, and/or
work in the campo 1 pair
Lightweight climbing boots --- some members of my community brought 2 pairs
of tennis shoes instead of climbing boots. However, I found them handy for
climbing Pico Duarte and during the manual labor in campo. 1 pair
Tank tops --- I only brought one of these because of the mosquitos, but having
more to layer would have been nice. Again keep in mind, dress at ILAC and your
service site will be more conservative. 2-3
Sandals --- I recommend packing one active wear type such as Tevas, Keens, or
Chacos and one formal pair of sandals with straps that are comfortable to walk in
for going out or sightseeing. 2 pairs
Flip-Flops --- at least one pair for campo and going to the beach. If you break
them here, it is hard to find a durable pair that lasts longer than one week. 2 pairs
Work pants/jeans --- this depends on your preference. I would recommend
packing more jeans over work pants. Jeans that can be worn for work and going
out are ideal. More than likely your host family will do your laundry half way
through the 1st immersion trip, but still pack enough for 4-5 days. 3-4
Work t-shirts --- bring a couple for manual labor in the campo and for daily
volleyball games with the staff or exercise. 5-6
Work gloves --- to limit blisters bring a pair 1 pair
Safety goggles and glasses --- I brought my pair from gen chem 1 pair
Sweat pants --- I wore mine during the chilly nights on the climb up and down
Pico Duarte. You will want super warm clothing for Pico Duarte (layering is best) 1-2 pairs
Sweatshirt --- Again, I only wore it on the climb up Pico Duarte on the 30 degree
nights. In January, it does cool down at night in Santiago, but a light sweater was
sufficient for me. 1
Long skirts --- they must be conservative at or below the knee to wear at ILAC to 1
church. I recommend light and dressy.
Dress shirts --- You will want a couple for going out or sightseeing downtown
Santiago. I recommend bringing ones that could mix and match with several other
pieces of clothing. 3-4
Long sleeve shirt --- May want in campo or around ILAC. 1
Socks --- bring long and short socks for campo and daily volleyball games 10-12
Underwear --- Most likely, this will be one piece of clothing that your host family
will not wash for you. So bring enough for the 10 day immersion trip. 10-12
Sundress --- I recommend bringing a couple dresses that cover your shoulders
and are not too short for April and May as well as special occasions. These are
nice for going out too (sleeveless is fine for going out) 2-3
Pajamas --- I wore shorts and a tank top underneath my mosquito net each night 1-2 pairs
Athletic shorts/ yogas --- Volleyball games are a great way to get to know the
staff, exercise, and practice Spanish. You will need to bring at least one pair.
Acceptable to wear in student areas. 3-4 pairs
Swimsuit and beach accessories --- there are plenty of spectacular beaches to
explore. 1-2 pairs
Bandana/ hat --- you will appreciate this during your campo immersion trips 1
Over the soldier bag/ beach bag --- this would be useful for going out and going
to the beach 1
Rain coat/ winter jacket --- This is essential for the climb up Pico Duarte which I
would recommend doing. If you don’t want to bring a puffy winter jacket bring
tons of layers and a rain coat. 1

Necessary Packing items

Passport --- make sure to pack a copy too 1
License --- bring one form of identification 1
Flashlight/headlamp --- necessary for campo 1
Reusable water bottle --- this is an essential item at ILAC and in the campo 1-2
Bathroom supplies – if you wear contacts, bring enough solution for the
semester b/c it can be expensive. ILAC provides bath towels and washcloths,
bed sheets, and mosquito net. Shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc can be bought at
the store. Bring one and if you need more you can buy another bottle. Do not
bring laundry soap – this can easily be bought at the store. 1 of each
Journal – this is a great way to document your trip 1
Feminine Hygiene Products --- these are very expensive in the DR 4 month supply
Alarm Clock --- I used the alarm on my watch, which was handy everyday, but
especially during the early mornings in the campo. If you are a heavy sleeper, 1
perhaps a battery-operated alarm clock will be important.
Backpack --- this is VERY important for weekend trips 1
Prescription and OTC Medications --- there is a medicine kit at ILAC and a
clinic on site, but be sure to bring any prescription medicines you need 4 month supply
Baseball hat --- aside from the bandana, this is a key accessory to staying cool
in the campo 1
Thermometer --- hopefully you will never need this, but it is good to have just
in case 1
Credit Card/Debit Card --- there are a couple ATMs in Santiago, but I would
bring some US dollars to exchange for pesos right when you arrive at ILAC. 1
Instant Hand Sanitizer --- you will use this in the campo 1-2
Repellent (with 30% Deet) --- I brought 3 bottles and used it everyday, but
many in my comunidad did not use it except for in the campo. Similar brands
are available in the DR if you need more 2-3
Guía --- the guidebook for Encuentro is handy for packing and reference for
choosing service sites 1
Optional Packing Items
Sunglasses 1
Watch --- I wore a watch everyday, especially on mornings at my service site in
order to be back at ILAC in time for lunch. 1
Sunblock (SPF 30 or stronger) 1
Mesh Laundry Bag 1
Camera 1
Granola Bars or Cliff bars --- these are nice for climbing Pico Duarte, but there
is a colmado close to ILAC for reasonably priced sweet snacks or La Sirena
downtown for major grocery shopping. La Sirena is similar to Walmart. 1-2 boxes
Beach Towel --- you could use a bath towel from ILAC, but I think they prefer
you using your own. Plus, the bath towels are not as big or comfy as a beach
towel. 1
Notebooks/ Pens/ Pencils --- You will need at least one for EDP, and Profe will
bind textbooks for everyone in your comunidad throughout the semester. Bring
lots of pens and pencils as well. 1-2
Laptop 1

Dominican culture is a lot more formal than American culture, so when you pack clothes try to get a good mixture of dress clothes for church and going out and casual clothes for class and being around ILAC. Bring things that can be mixed and matched into various outfits.

For the men, keep in mind that shorts are not allowed in most night venues but nice jeans are acceptable. Once again, Dominican clothing tends to be more formal. Pack lots of gym shorts for everyday and working out.

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