Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Let's throw it back to the first semester of freshman year, nervous, unaware of things to do, perhaps just an adventure seeking person?  Well similarly to freshman year, we have created a bucket list for encuentro dominicano.
1. Visit albertos
2. Climb a palm tree
3. Climb pico
4. TRAVEL. (santo domingo, cabarete) don't be afraid to go places because that's how the memories are made. 
5. Order bon
6. 27 waterfalls
7. rooftop
8. go to other service sites
9. go BACK to campo (Ride a horse there) 
10. tan on the roof 
11. understand michael
12. make a bucket list of your own
13. speak spanish for an entire day
14. take a picture every day. things change so fast and you won't remember everything.
15. embrace the culture here. you have 4 months and there is a lot of history to learn, take it all in while you can.

It isn't something too long or difficult but the semester goes by faster than you will know it.

-Dani Stokes

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