Thursday, December 18, 2014

Spanish Immersion Classes

The Encuentro Dominicano program is equipped with the resources for all of the students to learn conversational Dominican Spanish. The program is lucky to have Professor Edwin Paniagua as the instructor for all the Spanish classes. He is a an established Spanish language and literature professor at a local university as well as a published author. 

Each class he instructs on ILAC is individually structured for the Encuentro students current knowledge. The approach he uses to teach the classes are excellent for learning how to emerge yourself in conversation with people you will meet while traveling as well as making connections with host families and friends in the campo. 

A fun aspect of his class is learning the Dominican slang. From personal experience it is a satisfying feeling to have real life progress of comprehension and a widened rang of vocabulary to select from while in conversing in Spanish. Everything I learned in his Spanish class was definitely helpful and I use in my daily life here in the DR. 

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