Thursday, December 18, 2014

PUCMM exchange

This Halloween was quite different than most of my previous Halloween celebrations. Living in the Dominican Republic during the American holiday meant that the celebration would not include lavish costumes, haunted houses or grand parties. However, comunidad 18 did get to celebrate Halloween with the PUCMM students by playing Halloween themed charades!
            We spent the afternoon with a student organization that welcomed us to their campus and shared with us about their organization and what they do on and off campus. They gave us a tour, treated us with refreshments and gifted us PUCMM water bottles. This particular organization, ADEA (asociacion de estudiantes de administracion) is comprised of business students who are honing their leadership skills while serving their community. It was a very unique experience to meet our peers in another country who attend a university very similar to Creighton. The student body is about equal in size to Creighton and their campus has similar aspects as well. The students we met are very driven and involved in their school work as well as extracurricular activities which is refreshing after learning how lacking the Dominican education system is at the grades school and high school levels. It was fun to make connections with other students our age who are working to advance their education in order to have a successful career. 

            It was really nice to have people to hang out with that were our age. After our meeting we kept in touch with a few of the students. One evening they showed us around Santiago and took us dancing. It was fun to experience the city from their perspective because they knew the fun places to go and where to get great food. We also shared our Thanksgiving meal with them which was exciting to be able to share our culture with them after they had shared theirs with us. It was a great experience to have friends with a different cultural background!

Steph Sehon, Comunidad 18 

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