Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Saying Goodbye

This last week has been very stressful as we prepare to leave the Dominican Republic.  Many goodbyes have been said, and it is very difficult not knowing if or when we will be able to return.  We have formed so many strong relationships, even though it has been a short time.  It feels as though the time has flown by, and it’s weird to realize that these people will not be present in our daily live.  Though their physical presence will not be with us, we have so many memories and we have learned so much from these people.  They will be a part of us forever.

Earlier this week, we revisited La Vereda and Ceboruco to say goodbye to our host families.  They were very happy to see us, as we were happy to see them!  We spent a few hours at our campo homes, visiting with our families.  Hugs were shared as we said tearful goodbyes.

We also had our last visit to our service sites.  It was difficult to say goodbye to all of the people we’ve bonded with through our time here.  We feel as though there is much unfinished work.  However, we take comfort in knowing that we have made differences in the lives of others during our time here, and that future Encuentro Dominicano communities will continue working toward our goals in the Dominican Republic.

Lindsey and Mithra

La Fiesta a La Vereda

La Fiesta a Ceboruco

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